December's Imaginary Library Visit

Who'd like to join me?

This is at the Biltmore, just 2 hours or so outside my usual stomping grounds. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all spend a quiet afternoon there? Reading for enjoyment has not been happening here for far too long. 3 kids and now 3 part time jobs mean I am on the run all the time; I am hopeful things will quiet down after New Year's, but until then I check in LJ and lurk when I can. And in my imagination we would all have a lovely visit here, maybe with hot cocoa or tea or the beverage of your choice. Love and peace to all!

The Better Half returns from his conference tomorrow....


Yes, of course I missed him and all. But it was pretty nice being Undisputed Master Of All I Survey for a week. Don't tell him I said so.

I'd thought to get a little done on one of my languishing WIPs but instead spent my whatever free time I had from Single Parent duties sitting on my duff, eating lychee chocolates and catching up on SSHG work from the smut fest and some Rosmerta on the side, which was highly satisfying.

In other news, at least I can say we are safely removed from all the unrest that has taken over my beautiful hometown of the past 12 years. Very sad and scary. I remember my mother telling me about the race riots in Detroit, and how frightened she was when my sister was a baby as my Dad travelled a lot for work and she was all alone. And here we are, 40-odd years down the road and so little progress has been made.

We don't have firearms. I grew up with guns in the home (kept in a secure place) and was taught how to load one and shoot, but The Better Half was not. We just never felt a need to have a gun, especially having young children. Last night (for the first time in my life!) I seriously considered if that needed to change. What sad times we live in.

Speaking of rare blooms...

I saw this ad in the sidebar of my browser window. It looked pretty harmless initially, but the description caught my eye. So I took the link:

No, your eyes do not deceive you, and yes, I am immature enough that I snickered:

Who on earth ever said "This floral pattern would be perfect if it ONLY had more dick!"?!? Bwahaha!

If you simply must have this for yourself, here's the link:

I think I'll spend my morning here...

...because it seems like a more appealing option than being home with a sick boy, both for me and the boy himself.

So instead we'll be visiting here today. It's the Liyuan Library outside Beijing.

Doesn't that seem like a perfectly serene place to while away a morning? An afternoon? Maybe a week or two? I love how the natural light is filtered through the locally-sourced fruit wood sticks. Is it more like a treehouse or a hobbit hole? I can't decide and maybe it doesn't matter. There's something wonderfully soothing about it.

It's just as beautiful from the outside, too:


Tea, anyone?

A lovely thing happened on the way to extracurriculars last night...

...not THOSE kinds of extracurriculars, mind you.

Last night Mr. 8 the Elder had gymnastics, and Miss 11 comes along for the ride as we go directly to her activity afterward. She was packing her snacks and looking for a book to bring.

I'd noticed a package from Amazon on the table and guessed it was probably the book we ordered for her ELA class. I almost told her to open it while I got the water bottles ready but a little voice whispered in my ear that I should open it myself. And a good thing, too..

Many thanks and love and hugs to the incomparable lenaa1987 for this lovely surprise! I had a quick flick through the pages and I know I am going to love it. The voice is reminscent of Lena's own beautiful story telling, which I adore and admire. And I was tickled to note the commendation from Antonia Fraser on the cover; I love her work as well.

Can't wait to dive into this one! Thank you!

And I'm off...

Only in my imagination, mind you. Today's library is not far outside the range of my natural habitat. This one is the James Hunt library in Raleigh, NC:

I'm usually more drawn to traditional architecture, but the lovely open space in this one is definitely appealing. At least it's more appealing than a trip to the allergy office with Mr. 8 the Elder and a run south of the border to fetch rum for the better half, which comprises the actual itinerary of the day. Ah, Mom Life...

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Who wants to go shopping?

Just saw this lovely pic of what I'm told is the Libreria El Ateneo Grand Bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For my afternoon stress relief, I closed my eyes for a few moments and envisioned being there, happily perusing the shelves and planning to get a lovely cup of coffee after purchasing the treasures I've found. Care to join me?